Mindful of the safety and comfort of today's workforce, the former classrooms at SSCC are being renovated into build-to-suit office spaces. Locating your business here is a healthy alternative to either working from home or in a congested downtown location.


This limited opportunity offers:


  • State of the art HVAC with UV light purification systems designed to deactivate viruses

  • Access to wide-open spaces within the community center and outdoors on our 19-acre campus

  • Plenty of parking

  • Access to fitness, dining, daycare, and other on-site amenities of SSCC

  • A unique collaborative atmosphere at the heart of Portland's walkable Deering Center

  • A built-in customer base in the growing housing community on campus


One of our suites has been pre-designed as a prime opportunity for you to locate your business here, with a common area and three massage rooms. Available as a whole or for individual room rentals. 

For leasing information please call DC Management, (207) 772-3225 or email